This website was born out of a wish to share and broadcast passions that draw people closer.

I'm Claire Kastély, a French-Hungarian photographer specialising in street photography, landscape and lifestyle photography. Born in French Polynesia, raised in New Caledonia and travelling every year in Hungary to visit my family, it is much easier to say, most of the time, that I am from Toulouse, in France, where I have spent my teenage and university years. Teaching French as a second language, I now live abroad most of the year. My interest for photography began during an Erasmus year spent in England. After I acquired an old analog camera, an Olympus OM-1, I started to learn more and more and soon sought several ways to explore this medium.

Inspired by the vibrancy of Saul Leiter's and Vivian Maier's works, I seek to see and capture what can often be overlooked. Scraps, fragments, and particles of the mundane in the daily life of cities is what draws me to street photography in order to convey a mood, an emotion to the ones who wish to look close enough.

Landscape acts as a stark contrast to cityscape but retains the human element to it. These photos sets to give a sense of scale and wonder of the diverse landscapes that we can find around the world. Already in an airplane at just a few months old, I still crave the buzz of excitement that travelling creates. My passion and my profession both give me the opportunity to travel and thus to create tangible memories of landscapes.

As an extension of both of the genres above, lifestyle allows me to observe how we interact with our surroundings. Spontaneity and moments are decisive. Gravitating towards this space is tricky, it likes to play hide and seek. When you do catch it though, it is so rewarding.